Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Folk Art & Fiddles

Ahhh, Summer............105 degrees & counting. This amazing painting by Woodie Long is entitled "Plowing" & is very inspirational as is his fabulous gallery in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. (can't you just feel the heat?) i LOVE folk art almost as much as fiber! Woodie's mastery of color is evident here in his skillful, yet childlike interpretations of Southern life. We visited his studio/gallery last week while on the road. His wife, Dot was there & filled us in on his latest.
Here is a painted vintage purse he signed for me many years ago,

plus the painting "10 Musicians"...which leads me to the inspirational part. I think folk art & fiddles might by good pillow themes for fall. I'll get to work on these & post the results! Stay cool in the meantime-in the heat, that is.