Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring In The City

Flower/Taxi Art on Fifth Avenue

New York is one of my favorite places to go for FABRIC, FOOD and INSPIRATION!
Last week darling daughter and I made our annual hop to NYC. This time we dragged  P man along! 

Convincing him to drop everything in the middle of tax season (P's a CPA), proved less difficult than we imagined, particularly once we sweetened the offer with tickets to the high-flying, controversial and thus far, ill-fated Broadway production of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark! 

Sadly, no pics allowed in the theater, so this Playbill will have to suffice.  The show was entertaining, the "flying", spectacular! The villains, though somewhat silly to R and I, were "true" to the comic book according to P.  
We loved the elaborate sets and even liked Arachne, the spider enchantress.  Her voice was magnificent.  There was a dream sequence which was breathtaking!

Bryant Park

We visited our usual favorite places and many of our favorite restaurants, including Bryant Park Grill, Asia d Cuba, Patsy's, Carmine's plus a few new finds!

P likes the New Year's Eve ball

Grand Central Station


            Street Scenes

And windows....
Anthro Window-Rockefeller Center
Louis Vuitton
Fifth Avenue
I believe I love the garment district even more than Fifth Avenue
Showroom after showroom of luscious silks, brocades, burnouts, stripes, beaded gorgeous handwoven masterpieces..just waiting to be snatched up, toted up the subway and back home to be stitched into...

call me crazy!! But these are beauties, don't you think??

by the way...ORANGE for spring! and yellow and ORANGE and green and blue and..did I say ORANGE??

happy spring!! -EE