Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Capturing Spring

As the last of the magnificent blooms give way to spring and summer green, I work fast to catch a late bloom, slightly yellowing, but no less perfect.

Drawing it never really does justice but is fun all the same!
(looks like I need to flip that leave around!)

The color blending allows me to embroider one layer, choosing my directional stitching with stitch angle options. I chose a creamy yellow rayon for the underlayer.

And a pretty coral-pink for the top layer, then selected from the blending options for my desired look. I ended up making four separate petals instead of the entire flower so that I could control blending on each. The leaf was done as two separate sections so that I could achieve veining as I wanted from angle and fill options.

For the center of the flower, I used the new texturing tool for a more natural-edged circle

Finished embroidery on pink silk-ready to stitch up for Blythe's nursery!

Handmade gifts from the heart are the BEST!

Birthdays, Charlotte & the Sugar Bomb

Ok, so this one will definitely not win any prizes in the presentation category (nor any category for that matter!) but the girls were much too busy texting to notice & hopping down to Dallas for fun and celebration left no time for perfection this b-day season!

The cake, named Charlotte & the Snowball, aka Charlotte & the Sugar bomb, though from scratch, was not too pretty but was velvety & tasty! I used a favorite German chocolate cake recipe & improvised making the German chocolate/red velvet/buttercream combo. The tiny porcelain doll on top is "Frozen Charlotte" with a kind of creepy story, picked up a few years ago in a museum store under the St. Louis Arch. She pops up occasionally then disappears for awhile.

2bztxtng ?

Fun at a Sushi Bar
(this chocolate dessert was incredible!)
BTW just noticed on Johanna's site a fabulous yummy-looking chocolate torte (with recipe!)

Lots of pattern, color and inspiration on the quick birthday jaunt,

not the least of which was this ahhhh chair at Anthropologie!
Reminds me that I had better get back to the embroidering & sewing biz


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home, Art & Rock

Home is Sweet

...thinking this week of things that are sweet, and things that are difficult.

Zac, rocker & former Nixons front man & his beautiful wife, Jennifer (aka Bella Beauty, Bella Il Fiore beauty founder) recently moved to Nashville from Tulsa (were my MapleRidge neighbors for years) to make it big in the Music & Beauty Biz. Both amazingly talented, they will undoubtedly take their entrepreneurial endeavors to great new heights!

See Jennifer's Beauty Blog & visit her site @ Bella Il Fiore for her beeeeautiful products!

(Bob & Roberta Smith's Cards of Resistance)

While preparing for new challenges here on the home front & in the studio, besides that song in my head is the Thomas Fuller quote:

"All things are difficult before they are easy"

Fuller, 17th century British clergyman and writer, was spot-on wasn't he? My recurring thoughts as I regroup & quickly prepare for a Spring/Mother's Day show are

"HOME" and"Art as Work".

*ps-Rock and Roll (& Country) are among the Greatest Arts, aren't they??
*pps-check out that song & video!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Training & The Garden

Ok, so it is less about the training, and all about the garden...though I am working hard to master the new Bernina V6 software, (which by the way, IS even better than the V5 which I am wild about!). I am training & currently teaching V6 at
Quilt Sampler / Bernina / Tulsa.

Meanwhile, Dearest Darling Daughter & I spent an afternoon in the spectacular gardens of Tulsa's Woodward Park and Garden Center. Specifically, the Linnaeus Teaching Garden, named for Carl Linnaeus, (1707-1778) Father of Botany. (Sculpture by the very talented Tulsa artist Rosalind Cook). BTW, the elaborately detailed 3-dimensional tiles inset in the wall behind "Carl" were made painstakingly by hand by my friend & amazing artist, Cindy Dix Harris. We watched her cement them in!

love these Redbuds!

thanks to those who leave legacies for us & for our children

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Mr. & Mrs. wish you a bright and Happy Easter day!
Surrounded by soft-sculptured and embroidered eggs and colorful paper mache' eggs (a tradition in our home!), they prepare for a joyous day.

The solemn sadness of Good Friday's Tenebrae, Service of Shadows, still looms...but tomorrow we REJOICE!

After 6 weeks of Lent-no chocolate, no diet pepsi and baby steps in my spiritual growth (sooo far to go!!), we'll celebrate here, as all over the world. We boil eggs for dyeing, wrap tissue eggs (directions below) lay out our favorite beaded, embroidered and embellished (yeah!) eggs and throw cascarones (confetti eggs) at each other! The messier, the better-ha!

And there will be chocolate-lots and lots of it (double-yeah!).