Friday, July 23, 2010

Americana, Airstream and the 4th of July

You've got to appreciate Main Street America, somewhere in the Midwest, in early July. Patriotic, down-to-earth and postcard perfect, whether the image is quality or not. Road trips across this great land always yield surprises that stir the emotions of pride and home.

In Ohio, we found the Airstream factory and company headquarters.

Rows and rows of those beautiful aluminum works of art that are still, for the most part, made by hand, by men and women,
one sheet and rivet at a time!

An early "Road Chief" trailer...circa 1930's I think

Custom bike for (Sandra's former) Jesse James. Notice the handlebars and (faux) bullet casings.

BTW our tour guide mentioned that Ms. Bullock has a custom 34 foot beauty, with 2 slides, ...rumored to be next to her pool!

We met some very nice people and checked out several models, just in case we decide to make this viewing Americana hobby permanent!

Happy Touring!