Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Conversation

Two weeks of flu, snowmageddon (back-to-back record snowfalls of 2 plus feet), jury duty and little-if-any creative inspiration finally led to me face my (amazing) new giant screen laptop, which we fondly refer to as the "Admiral Twin" (after the historic Tulsa drive-in theater, think "The Outsiders" movie.....sadly, this landmark recently burned..), and my v6 software to make some last minute valentines!

sweet Bella girl

I stitch in the hoop, on layers of tear-away stabilizer and silk, 

 Then add layer of silk on top of hoop, which I tack down with large 4mm running stitch.  I then stitch outlines of the hearts, leaving openings to turn the hearts inside out after stitching, trimming and removing stabilizer.

After stuffing, closing and embellishing all of my little sweeties, 
I embroider a little red doily on which to place a couple of my favs.

Here is template for your own conversation hearts!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Covered under heavy blanket of blizzard, all is quiet here in the midwest/southwest....
airports mostly shut down-still!
Oklahoma is closed, Texas is stunned. Just heard on CNN that temps in Dallas are lower than in Anchorage, Alaska. Not good news for Super Bowl!

These 3 little birds on my back fence and the red one below are weathering the storm. Below O degrees last night.

They are about the only life and activity outside my door

Stilling, chilling and breathtaking...

keep safe & warm