Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

Anyone who has ever tried to excel at anything worthwhile knows that there is no easy road. As Sir Winston Churchill said: "Never give in, Never, Never, Never, Never...". And, as I was reminded again this past weekend, another key component of success: Practice!

We drove the not-so-yellow-brick road to Wichita where we had the privilege of attending an awesome Equestrian Clinic with world-renowned horsewoman Gayle Lampe. Gayle is one of those people we all admire: Professional, accomplished, author, teacher, trainer, speaker, mentor to thousands over her 42 year career in her business.

For the students lucky enough to work under her critical eye and instruction for a few days, the impression was significant. I couldn't help but think, as I listened to her humorous and insightful stories, that I would love to reach that pinnacle in my own professional endeavors: Filling a banquet hall, enjoying laughs, signing books, inspiring others. Both during the dinner/lecture and throughout the weekend of technical, grueling lessons, the message was simple:

Practice, Practice, Practice.

That thread translates to so many aspects of our daily lives. I try and try to understand God's message as I practice, practice in my study. I push though disappointments and failures in my attempts to realize my creative vision in my work. I wait and pray, pray and wait...and I practice. Sometimes I think getting out of our own little bubble and observing someone, something totally unrelated to our experiences is enlightening and inspiring.

There's no place quite like being back home in my studio (workroom), in my space. I have a special "Faith" pillow to make for church Youth Auction this weekend. I think I'll make two.
I need the practice.

Happy March: In like a Lion