Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guavas and Peaches and Pears Oh My!

i love my guava and any fruit with a sense of humor though my dd wasn't quite so sure when meeting these larger-than-life cuties face-to-face on a Kauai guava plantation.

maybe it is because I'm snowed and iced-in with 6-8" inches of powder outside, but I decided to have a little fun too.this is miss peachy, ready for a tropical vacation.

and my first soft sculptured pear-circa 2002-i think-in good company.

these truly are fruits gone awry-they are from my lemon tree which winters indoors. It bears beautiful lemons, yet every couple of years bears a grapefruit-sized specimen like these. darling daughter took one to Montessori where they touched it, looked at it, smelled it, cut it up and ate it-SOUR!to make peachy, pear or giant cherry, don't forget to look in i love fiber art store for pattern!

eat fruit and have fun!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fiberart Imitates Road Art

That last post reminded me of a little roadside inspiration...though not quite from nature-each did remind me of the other. Aren't travel signs...especially giant fruits & critters just the best?

Somewhere I have a road photo of a giant chicken. I think it is with my oscar meyer weinermobile shots....have to look for those.

Happy & fruitful day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiptoe thru Tulips-Fiber Art imitates Life

No contest, of course. As always, nature trumps anything I can come up with in my little room...God is like that...ahhh but what inspiration-a tulip peeking out of a blanket of snow!

With silk for fiber art flowers & velvet for the leaves, I made these for a school fundraiser. I embroidered the tulip cups, using collaged layers of silk, threads & scraps & gold metallic tulle, hooped together then embroidered as individual petals for larger tulips, multiple petals per hoop for smaller flowers.

Some got special fiber art touches like leopard overlay tips and tiny fiber art fruits for fun. Once each flower "head" was assembled, I embroidered long tulip leaves using chocolate brown silk & rayon velvet. I then made tubes of the same velvet to cover piping & wire for the stems. Once completed, they made a colorful spring "bouquet" of fiber art!

Happy Spring...even if it is the middle of Winter!
ps.-snow tulips photo credit to my dear husband P

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebrity Cupcakes & Other Winter Fun!

Many bright & colorful spots this winter season! These little treasures were ordered & shipped to a fabulous & influential celebrity whom I met at a Holiday show! These were actually her follow-up purchase from site after buying all that I had left at the art show! Even beading the "sugar" was a pleasure for this delightful, personable & visionary woman.

For tiny cupcakes kits see store. Thank you!

After that, I got back to work building more cupcake kits for upcoming classes...taking time out to make a cherry pie! This is my first lattice-top effort & it was a great inspiration! I am anxious to do pies in fiber next!!
R & B Holiday & snow pics! It has been coldest winter here in 14 years with a White Christmas & New Year's & wind chills of 40 below! Back to my toasty workroom to make more yummy (low-calorie) treats! Those pies & (real) cupcakes have taken their holiday toll!

Happy 2010!