Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travel Kits!

Travel Kits!

After inquiries about kits that do not require a sewing machine, we have added a couple of kits that you hand sewers will love!

I have a friend who, with her husband, retired early & is seeing America by driving their RV on various scenic & historical routes (Lewis & Clark Expedition trail, Santa Fe trail, & last week- the Oregon/Washington coast...including Forks, Washington where there was a "Twilight" Festival going on...not quite so historic but appeals to my teenage daughter: a Stephanie Meyer fan!)

Back to travel kits...

After hearing from my friend & others, we now have a few selections in ilovefiberart store for those of you who don't readily have access to a sewing machine-or electricity on a consistent basis. We have Travel Beaded Strawberry Kit with machine sewing step already done, Travel Strawberry Trio kit & Travel Tiny Cupcake Kit! All you need is a needle, thread & a bit of batting!

Happy Travels!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make These Prayer Pockets!

Make These Prayer Pockets!
These tiny treasures are made of silk & are embroidered with initials for a personalized touch. You can make them in fabric of your choice, of course, & embellish them or hand embroider if you prefer! For pdf of pattern below, please email me @ elaine@ilovefiberart.com & I will send it to you!
If machine embroidering, allow 1 5/8" width for each letter or design. Cut apart into 1 5/8" x 6 1/2" strips. You may serge the edges of these strips or leave them raw.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Top of flap is actually opposite end of design on strip!! Hint:First fold raw strip & look at so that this makes sense! Fold angled top flap, right sides together & stitch on dotted lines.

Then fold up bottom half of pocket right sides together with facing tucked under to conceal raw or serged edge.

Sew side seams, right sides together.

Turn inside out. Embellish with tiny pearls or seed beads if you desire. Fill with your favorite verse, a personal note, or other treasure.

* "Love One Another" "Wait, Pray....Pray, Wait"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"cupcakes & cherries" Welcome Home!

"cupcakes & cherries"
Welcome Home!

As Quilt Quest 2008 (www.robertkaufman.com/quiltquest/2008/) wraps up its year long coast-to-coast travel schedule, I realize how much more touring this 1st Place mini quilt & ice cream cone purse have done than I have lately! Exciting destinations included: Original Sewing & Quilt Festivals, Road to California, Original Creative Festivals, Pioneer Florida Museum, QuiltFest, & various guild shows. Thank you to everyone who went out to see this exhibit & who attended these fine shows! Thanks also for your kind reviews of show & work, including Purple Fan.

The good news is that as they return home this month , I can complete patterns & begin to offer classes for both! BTW: I will be teaching ilovefiberart ornament & cupcake classes at B-Sew Inn in Oklahoma City & Tulsa in October & November!
Speaking of classes: After attending yesterday's webinar training on Bernina's new DesignerPlus Version 6 software, I can't wait to see it arrive in stores! It offers many new features such as Corel Draw essentials, 11 new fonts, freehand sketching (no repeated left-right clicking!), 106 new embroidery designs, morphing, pattern carving & echo, "halo" quilting outlining of designs (loved this feature!). The smoothing tool looks like something I could use too, as my freehand drawing seems to be less steady these days! If you love to create your own embroidery designs, as I do, take a look at this product. The next webinar is Sept. 16th 12-1pm CST. berninausa