Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travel Kits!

Travel Kits!

After inquiries about kits that do not require a sewing machine, we have added a couple of kits that you hand sewers will love!

I have a friend who, with her husband, retired early & is seeing America by driving their RV on various scenic & historical routes (Lewis & Clark Expedition trail, Santa Fe trail, & last week- the Oregon/Washington coast...including Forks, Washington where there was a "Twilight" Festival going on...not quite so historic but appeals to my teenage daughter: a Stephanie Meyer fan!)

Back to travel kits...

After hearing from my friend & others, we now have a few selections in ilovefiberart store for those of you who don't readily have access to a sewing machine-or electricity on a consistent basis. We have Travel Beaded Strawberry Kit with machine sewing step already done, Travel Strawberry Trio kit & Travel Tiny Cupcake Kit! All you need is a needle, thread & a bit of batting!

Happy Travels!

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