Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boho Dollmaking

Muslin doll shapes have always intrigued me. You know the craft store variety: made in China, I think. Well, I decided to start making my own, partly to have them when needed for my doll cupcakes (see ilovefiberart index page), but mostly to have new three dimensional objects to embroider & embellish!

This girl is "Go Veggie" Boho girl. I just drew an outline of an inflated stick figure (email or better-yet-blog me & I'll send you pattern!) Then I sewed outline on double fabric, right sides together, leaving opening on doll's side. Turn inside out, stuff & close. I used eyelash yarn for her hair, embroidered bird & tiny embroidered "mixed bag" plus trading beads for her embellishment. Use your favorite quilting or sewing scraps for these...I have made several now in different sizes...I may even string the tiny ones together to make a little angel garland for my tree! (I will post that, of course!)

Happy dollmaking!

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