Monday, February 15, 2010

Flowers, Friends, Chocolate and an Unwelcome Guest

Leave it to my dear friend C to throw a sensational Valentine's and Birthday celebration for A complete with flowers- 20 or 30 of these little party favor garden rose vases!

Tulips and roses everywhere with hearts and of course-chocolate dipped treats which the teenagers created!

Is it any wonder why I always leave their gorgeous homes and dinner parties inspired?

Make these chocolate dipped velvet strawberries with kits from ilovefiberart store or embroider your own with ilovefiberart CD Vol. 1 embroidery designs, also available in store.

As for the unwanted guest- A has a sense of humor, sometimes as twisted as my own, (which is another reason I love her!) She gave treats to her boys, her hubby and son, which included this little porcelain guy who keeps showing up everywhere.

Happy Friends, Flowers and (welcome) Guests!

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