Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Measure

This time of year means regrouping and planning projects for the season. Gathering together these measuring cup treasures which I picked up this summer at Anthropologie, and favorite herbal fills, I can get to work and be inspired in the process!

Sweet, aromatic, French Lavender is my all-time favorite fill for pillows & sachets but I plan to mix in a few buckwheat hulls and a little flax seed this year for texture, weight and complexity. Add to these, the delicate beauty of vintage glass, pearl and rhinestone embellishments, from my collection and Grandma's button box, plus vintage inspired French trims & a few special fabrics and the recipe is nearly complete!

Now, to work!

So lucky are artists, chefs & sewers! Cooking things up from a blank "canvas" is a joy when you have Faith, courage & a few fine ingredients!

Happy Cooking & Creating!

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