Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Conversation

Two weeks of flu, snowmageddon (back-to-back record snowfalls of 2 plus feet), jury duty and little-if-any creative inspiration finally led to me face my (amazing) new giant screen laptop, which we fondly refer to as the "Admiral Twin" (after the historic Tulsa drive-in theater, think "The Outsiders" movie.....sadly, this landmark recently burned..), and my v6 software to make some last minute valentines!

sweet Bella girl

I stitch in the hoop, on layers of tear-away stabilizer and silk, 

 Then add layer of silk on top of hoop, which I tack down with large 4mm running stitch.  I then stitch outlines of the hearts, leaving openings to turn the hearts inside out after stitching, trimming and removing stabilizer.

After stuffing, closing and embellishing all of my little sweeties, 
I embroider a little red doily on which to place a couple of my favs.

Here is template for your own conversation hearts!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

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