Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Dome

In the heart of Tulsa's downtown Brady Arts District is the much loved
Art Deco Icon:  Blue Dome.
Originally a 1920's filling station, turned center of club/nightlife scene, this historic Route 66 jewel is irresistible as a subject of local art.  I decided to try my hand at it and got to work with my V6 software...

 Embroidering Blue Dome was great fun but I didn't have quite the right shade of blue in my thread and fabric stash, so....

 I put some gloves on and got busy of my all time favorite pastimes. Looks like I need new gloves, as these had some leaks!  My darling daughter is calling me "smurf"-my fingers are still blue! 

 Silk, velvet & cotton shades of turquoise/royal
These will be for my next Blue Dome experiment: pillows & applique!

I even dyed some rayon thread while I was at it-dipped the entire cone to transform a pale neutral to this gorgeous hue!

All in all a terrific few days work!
Can't wait to get back to it and more local landmarks..
I have a big project in mind-details to come!

Happy May Day tomorrow!

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