Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiptoe thru Tulips-Fiber Art imitates Life

No contest, of course. As always, nature trumps anything I can come up with in my little room...God is like that...ahhh but what inspiration-a tulip peeking out of a blanket of snow!

With silk for fiber art flowers & velvet for the leaves, I made these for a school fundraiser. I embroidered the tulip cups, using collaged layers of silk, threads & scraps & gold metallic tulle, hooped together then embroidered as individual petals for larger tulips, multiple petals per hoop for smaller flowers.

Some got special fiber art touches like leopard overlay tips and tiny fiber art fruits for fun. Once each flower "head" was assembled, I embroidered long tulip leaves using chocolate brown silk & rayon velvet. I then made tubes of the same velvet to cover piping & wire for the stems. Once completed, they made a colorful spring "bouquet" of fiber art!

Happy Spring...even if it is the middle of Winter!
ps.-snow tulips photo credit to my dear husband P

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