Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guavas and Peaches and Pears Oh My!

i love my guava and any fruit with a sense of humor though my dd wasn't quite so sure when meeting these larger-than-life cuties face-to-face on a Kauai guava plantation.

maybe it is because I'm snowed and iced-in with 6-8" inches of powder outside, but I decided to have a little fun too.this is miss peachy, ready for a tropical vacation.

and my first soft sculptured pear-circa 2002-i think-in good company.

these truly are fruits gone awry-they are from my lemon tree which winters indoors. It bears beautiful lemons, yet every couple of years bears a grapefruit-sized specimen like these. darling daughter took one to Montessori where they touched it, looked at it, smelled it, cut it up and ate it-SOUR!to make peachy, pear or giant cherry, don't forget to look in i love fiber art store for pattern!

eat fruit and have fun!

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