Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebrity Cupcakes & Other Winter Fun!

Many bright & colorful spots this winter season! These little treasures were ordered & shipped to a fabulous & influential celebrity whom I met at a Holiday show! These were actually her follow-up purchase from ilovefiberart.com site after buying all that I had left at the art show! Even beading the "sugar" was a pleasure for this delightful, personable & visionary woman.

For tiny cupcakes kits see ilovefiberart.com store. Thank you!

After that, I got back to work building more cupcake kits for upcoming classes...taking time out to make a cherry pie! This is my first lattice-top effort & it was a great inspiration! I am anxious to do pies in fiber next!!
R & B Holiday & snow pics! It has been coldest winter here in 14 years with a White Christmas & New Year's & wind chills of 40 below! Back to my toasty workroom to make more yummy (low-calorie) treats! Those pies & (real) cupcakes have taken their holiday toll!

Happy 2010!

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