Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Mr. & Mrs. wish you a bright and Happy Easter day!
Surrounded by soft-sculptured and embroidered eggs and colorful paper mache' eggs (a tradition in our home!), they prepare for a joyous day.

The solemn sadness of Good Friday's Tenebrae, Service of Shadows, still looms...but tomorrow we REJOICE!

After 6 weeks of Lent-no chocolate, no diet pepsi and baby steps in my spiritual growth (sooo far to go!!), we'll celebrate here, as all over the world. We boil eggs for dyeing, wrap tissue eggs (directions below) lay out our favorite beaded, embroidered and embellished (yeah!) eggs and throw cascarones (confetti eggs) at each other! The messier, the better-ha!

And there will be chocolate-lots and lots of it (double-yeah!).



  1. Happy Easter Elaine! Your silk eggs look beautiful! You are quite a talented woman :) Hope to see you again soon.