Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Capturing Spring

As the last of the magnificent blooms give way to spring and summer green, I work fast to catch a late bloom, slightly yellowing, but no less perfect.

Drawing it never really does justice but is fun all the same!
(looks like I need to flip that leave around!)

The color blending allows me to embroider one layer, choosing my directional stitching with stitch angle options. I chose a creamy yellow rayon for the underlayer.

And a pretty coral-pink for the top layer, then selected from the blending options for my desired look. I ended up making four separate petals instead of the entire flower so that I could control blending on each. The leaf was done as two separate sections so that I could achieve veining as I wanted from angle and fill options.

For the center of the flower, I used the new texturing tool for a more natural-edged circle

Finished embroidery on pink silk-ready to stitch up for Blythe's nursery!

Handmade gifts from the heart are the BEST!

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