Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Training & The Garden

Ok, so it is less about the training, and all about the garden...though I am working hard to master the new Bernina V6 software, (which by the way, IS even better than the V5 which I am wild about!). I am training & currently teaching V6 at
Quilt Sampler / Bernina / Tulsa.

Meanwhile, Dearest Darling Daughter & I spent an afternoon in the spectacular gardens of Tulsa's Woodward Park and Garden Center. Specifically, the Linnaeus Teaching Garden, named for Carl Linnaeus, (1707-1778) Father of Botany. (Sculpture by the very talented Tulsa artist Rosalind Cook). BTW, the elaborately detailed 3-dimensional tiles inset in the wall behind "Carl" were made painstakingly by hand by my friend & amazing artist, Cindy Dix Harris. We watched her cement them in!

love these Redbuds!

thanks to those who leave legacies for us & for our children

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