Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthdays, Charlotte & the Sugar Bomb

Ok, so this one will definitely not win any prizes in the presentation category (nor any category for that matter!) but the girls were much too busy texting to notice & hopping down to Dallas for fun and celebration left no time for perfection this b-day season!

The cake, named Charlotte & the Snowball, aka Charlotte & the Sugar bomb, though from scratch, was not too pretty but was velvety & tasty! I used a favorite German chocolate cake recipe & improvised making the German chocolate/red velvet/buttercream combo. The tiny porcelain doll on top is "Frozen Charlotte" with a kind of creepy story, picked up a few years ago in a museum store under the St. Louis Arch. She pops up occasionally then disappears for awhile.

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Fun at a Sushi Bar
(this chocolate dessert was incredible!)
BTW just noticed on Johanna's site a fabulous yummy-looking chocolate torte (with recipe!)

Lots of pattern, color and inspiration on the quick birthday jaunt,

not the least of which was this ahhhh chair at Anthropologie!
Reminds me that I had better get back to the embroidering & sewing biz


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