Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home, Art & Rock

Home is Sweet

...thinking this week of things that are sweet, and things that are difficult.

Zac, rocker & former Nixons front man & his beautiful wife, Jennifer (aka Bella Beauty, Bella Il Fiore beauty founder) recently moved to Nashville from Tulsa (were my MapleRidge neighbors for years) to make it big in the Music & Beauty Biz. Both amazingly talented, they will undoubtedly take their entrepreneurial endeavors to great new heights!

See Jennifer's Beauty Blog & visit her site @ Bella Il Fiore for her beeeeautiful products!

(Bob & Roberta Smith's Cards of Resistance)

While preparing for new challenges here on the home front & in the studio, besides that song in my head is the Thomas Fuller quote:

"All things are difficult before they are easy"

Fuller, 17th century British clergyman and writer, was spot-on wasn't he? My recurring thoughts as I regroup & quickly prepare for a Spring/Mother's Day show are

"HOME" and"Art as Work".

*ps-Rock and Roll (& Country) are among the Greatest Arts, aren't they??
*pps-check out that song & video!


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